Values of indonesian culture

More than 2, open-ended questionnaires were distributed to respondents in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya. Hierarchy As with most group orientated cultures, hierarchy plays a great role in Indonesian culture.

Indonesians are a mix of Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay.

30 Indonesian Cultural Values – Characteristics

International surveys have rated Indonesia among the most corrupt nations in the world. In many areas of Indonesia longstanding rights to land are held by groups such as clans, communities, or kin groups. In —vigilante attacks against even suspected lawbreakers were becoming common in cities and some rural areas, as was an increase in violent crime.

According to several Indonesian writers for example: The fourth element of culture is custom. Many Indonesians, especially those from Java, may have had an extremely long name, which was shortened into a sort of nickname for everyday conversation.

Individualist refers to people who live in a society in which the interests of the individual prevail over the interest of the group and societies.

Culture of Indonesia

In many societies, there is a distinction between property that is inherited or acquired; the former is passed on in clan or family lines, the latter goes to the children or the spouse of the deceased. Others, such as Bali, have not. Indonesians are not rash decision makers, as this is perceived as not giving the subject adequate thought.

This can be seen in both the village and the office where the most senior is expected to make group decisions. Divorce and remarriage practices are diverse.

Indonesia is an island nation, but fish plays a relatively small part in the diets of the many people who live in the mountainous interiors, though improved transportation makes more salted fish available to them.

Most islands are multiethnic, with large and small groups forming geographical enclaves. Also, powerful military and civilian officials provide protection and patronage for Chinese business-people in exchange for shares in profits and political funding. And then the dust will save or pour in the sea.

A fork and spoon are often the only utensils at the place setting. Centuries of tribal wars in Indonesian history had shaped silat as it was used by the ancient warriors of Indonesia.The are many aspects that build the foundation of the Indonesian beliefs and values.

Most of them are affected by traditional culture passed down from generation to generation. #2 Power and Hierarchy Influencing Indonesian Business Culture. Hierarchy principles here are similar to several other Asian countries.

Supported by Hofstede’s study, Indonesia still has a high power distance value. People are not equal in society and this also reflects in the organisation. Along with this strong unity and conformity to society´s rules, honour and respect for the individual form the basis of Indonesian culture.

Indonesians value loyalty to friends and family above everything. Chairil Anwar is frequently considered to be the most famous Indonesian poet, and “Me” is his most recognized poem.

These two works gave me insight into the principal values of the Indonesian culture. Loyalty to one's parents and reverence for God are perhaps the two most important values in Indonesia. Along with this strong unity and conformity to society´s rules, honour and respect for the individual form the basis of Indonesian culture.

Diversity, religion and values

Indonesians value loyalty to friends and family above everything. Diversity and values Indonesia is made up of 17, islands, and thirty-three provinces, meaning that the cultural landscape is also a diverse one, mixing both foreign and indigenous customs.

Values of indonesian culture
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